I Do wow gold Play WoW T ShirtIf you are sick of people judging you just because you play WoW and they assume things about you just because of your hobby (an awesome hobby by the way) then you can wear this awesome t shirt that is 100% made of cotton and of awesome.

Even if we play World of Warcraft it doesn't mean that we are automatically losers. We do have a life, a girlfriend, a job and we could probably kick your bottom. most of the time anyway.

This T Shirt is available in a bunch of colors like black, green, red, blue and a couple of nuances that don't make any sense to me. Also it comes in all of the sizes from Small to Big Fluffy Bear.

I'd Rather Be Playing WoWThis one is for those moments when people drag you out of the house. When you friends drag you out to go partying (we both know what kind of parties you like) and when your family drags you to family meetings and reunions.

Now you can tell everyone what you would rather do and I salute you for that.

Most of the times I prefer staying home and playing rather than going out because my home is comfortable, it's cozy, it's quiet and it doesn't stink. Also if I stay home I can be a hardcore shaman killing everyone whilst going outside makes me feel ugly and stuff. Ugh.

This shirt comes only in black but you don't need any other color to tell someone that you would rather be playing WoW.

I'll Sheep The One On The Left T ShirtThis one is a shout out to all the mages out there who got spammed for water and food their whole career.

If you remember the good old days when you had to sheep and CC every single pack of mobs then you should enjoy this t shirt. I never played vanilla (I'm a noob yeah yeah) because I did not have the money at that time but I started playing in the beginning of The Burning Crusade and I still remember having to CC every single pack of mobs and kill them one by one. The tanks would assign a CC marking to everyone and you had to CC the mob the tank marked for you. Those days were cool but maybe it's just nostalgia.

I don't know if you ever played a mage or not but this t shirt is one of the best designs I've seen for World of Warcraft and the nostalgia factor gives it a plus too.

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